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What’s the Hype on Seltzers?

What’s the Hype on Seltzers?

Hard seltzers hit the market in 2013, spiking in popularity around 2018, and the alcohol industry hasn’t looked back since. Hard seltzer sales topped $4.1 BILLION in 2020 with White Claw and Truly controlling the lion’s share. What makes this mixture of carbonated water, flavoring, and alcohol (typically fermented cane sugar) so appealing? There are multiple factors that make this drink well-liked.

  1. They tend to be lower in calories and carbs. Most seltzers contain 2 grams of carbs or less and contain about 100 calories while also maintaining 5% ABV. Not to mention, they are typically gluten-free.
  2. They are light and refreshing. Other drinks like beer and wine may start to feel heavy after a couple. Seltzers are a great warm weather alternative. With this light, barely-there taste of alcohol, it’s easier to drink much more so you must be mindful! Excess alcohol intake can lead to many negative consequences including fatty liver disease.
  3. Pricing varies however they are usually less expensive than wine, spirits, or craft beer.

Alcohol by calorie and ABV comparison

Alcohol Serving Size/calories ABV
Seltzer 12 fl oz / 100 calories 5%
Light Beer 12 fl oz / 100 calories 4.2%
Regular Beer 12 fl oz / 150 calories 5%
Dark Beer 12 fl oz / 175 calories More than 5%
Wine 5 fl oz/ 100 -125 calories 10%
Spirits (vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, tequila, cognac) 1.5 fl oz / 100 calories 80 or 86 proof


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