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Delta Dental – Teledentistry

Delta Dental – Teledentistry

A new way to access dental care in today’s world of Living with Coronavirus.

In collaboration with the American Dental Association, Teledentistry can be administered via a variety of different media sources, including Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.  As a Delta Dental subscriber, you can receive needed guidance for emergency care without having to leave your  home, unless follow up treatment is recommended by the dentist.   In addition, Delta is covering Teledentistry as a Preventive Service, which means 100% coverage with no deductible for the Teledentistry visit.  Any follow up service received would be processed under the dental plan at the appropriate co-pay and coinsurance.

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What is teledentistry?
Teledentistry is a part of telemedicine, and it’s a way for patients to receive health care evaluations or advice remotely using videoconference technology. It can be a helpful service for people who live far from a dental office, or in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people are staying home to avoid exposure.

How does teledentistry work?
If you have a dental emergency, your dentist may ask you to take a picture of the outside and the inside of your mouth to email to text. Or you may connect over the phone or through video chats such as FaceTime or Skype.

What code will my dentist use to bill for teledentistry?
Your dentist should be familiar with how to bill for teledentistry, but if not, it’s code D0140: Problem focused examination.

Will I have a copay?
That depends on your particular dental plan. However, for most plans this is covered under prevention and diagnostics with no copay.

Where is this covered within my dental plan?
In the prevention and diagnostics section.

How do I know if my dentist has teledentistry capability? Does it state that in the online directory?
You should ask your dentist if teledentistry is an option. This information is not included in the directory.

What equipment or devices do I need for a teledentistry call?
If your dentist wants to see inside your mouth, you may need a smartphone, tablet with internet connection, or a computer with a camera. Sometimes taking a picture, emailing it or texting it to your dentist, and then talking on the phone may also be beneficial.