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On-premise keg pick-up & reimbursement program

On-premise keg pick-up & reimbursement program

To Our On-Premise Partners:

As an update to our March communication addressing COVID-19 procedures, Monarch Beverage will be initiating an on-premise keg pick-up/reimbursement program beginning Monday, May 4th and running through Friday, May 29th according to the following terms:

  • Full and capped out of code kegs or full and capped kegs within 7 days of being out of code will be reimbursed at the last purchased price + deposit.
  • Partial, uncapped, or tapped out of code kegs will be reimbursed at 50% of the last purchased price + deposit. NOTE: Eligible reimbursement is determined by the number of Monarch draft lines in your account (prior to COVID19 related closures). Example: If you have 12 Monarch draft lines, you could potentially be reimbursed for up to 12 partial kegs.
  • Empty kegs – deposit only

As valued partners, we are sympathetic to the hardships endured during this pandemic and continue to make it a priority to support and provide exceptional service to your account. We sincerely appreciate your patience, professionalism, and flexibility in working with us to execute this plan. It is our hope that this is the first step towards recovery, and we look forward to lifting a pint as partners once again very soon.

Please contact your salesperson to establish availability at your business. Also, please activate your Fintech account or other electronic payment system to efficiently process reimbursements. If no electronic system is in place, a credit will be recorded on your account.

Respectfully with continued prayers toward everyone’s safety,
John Xenos
General Manager