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NAMI: Stress and anxiety during COVID-19

NAMI: Stress and anxiety during COVID-19

NAMI: How to manage stress and anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads, so can anxiety and stress. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has posted a guide on how to ease the tension and has listed a variety of resources to use.

NAMI Guide to Managing Stress & Anxiety

Are you having a lot of anxiety because of the coronavirus? Here’s what NAMI recommends you do:

  1. Remember that knowledge is power.
    • Understand how to boost your immunity and factors that affect a person’s immune response to COVID-19.
  2. Don’t accept everything you read or hear.
  3. Get your emotional support system in place.
    • Maintain familiar routines in daily life as much as possible and stay connected with others.
  4. Take control and incorporate preventative measures.
    • Avoid watching, reading or listening to news reports that cause you to feel anxious or distressed. Be supportive to others.