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COVID-19 Employee Screening Procedures

COVID-19 Employee Screening Procedures

Temperature/Thermal Scanning Protocol:

All employees and visitors (including customer pick-ups) must submit to a temperature screening upon arrival and before proceeding through the facility. This is a one-time per day minimum requirement.  If you have submitted to a temperature check on a given day and then leave the facility, you are not required to submit for a second temperature check upon return that day.

  1. Enter through door 3 maintaining proper social distancing (6’ or greater) and PPE. If there is a line, please wait for one of the two machines to open.
  2. Once appropriate, proceed to one of the two thermal scanning machines, remove your mask below your chin, and stand on the footprint floor decals in front of the “stand here” wall sign.
  3. Stand still until your temperature is read.
    • If your temperature on the Thermal scanning machine is below 99.9 F, you will see a green box on the screen and a check mark. You can proceed without any further steps.  Please continue practicing social distancing, hand sanitization, and wearing of appropriate PPE
    • If your thermal scan temperature is 99.9 F or above, you will see a red box, and X and hear a buzzer. You should do one of the following
      • If the clinic is open, return to your car and call WellHealth Worx (317-612-3193). A member of the team will meet you at your car to further assess your temperature via Infrared Forehead Thermometer or under the tongue thermometer.  If this is above 99.9 F, you will be scheduled for a telemedicine visit with the clinic to assess your need to be referred to the Hancock Regional Triage Clinic. If your thermometer reading is below 99.9 F, you will be able to return to work.
      • If the clinic is closed, return to your car and call your supervisor. Supervisors on each shift have been issued an Infrared Forehead Scanning Thermometer.  You should pull up to the awning and have your supervisor meet you at your car to have an infrared thermometer temperature reading.  Please be sure to wear appropriate PPE (mask).  If your forehead temperature check is below 99.9 F, you will be instructed to continue with your day.  If your temperature is 99.9 F or above, you will be instructed to call the WHW healthcare center @ 317-612-3193 to schedule an e-visit.  The clinic will assess the need for further testing.  If needed, call the WHW after-hours call service at any time to reach one of our on-call providers.  That number is 317-631-6466.
      • If it is after WHW Healthcare Center hours and both the thermal scanner, and the Infrared Thermometer Scan, are both above 99.9 F, the employee should be instructed to go home and contact the after-hours line. The employee will not be able to return to work until they have completed an e-visit with Dr. Lisanti or Carol Suico and received direction from WHW.

NOTE**: Supervisors, you will point the Infrared Thermometer Temperature Scanners at the employee’s forehead and hold down the trigger until the temperature is read.  For most accurate readings, the thermometer should be held between 3-5cm or 2 inches from the forehead.  If there is too much movement, or you are too far away, you will get a “Lo” reading.  Simply re-adjust and try again.    

If you have any questions, please contact Kyle Netter, Director of Clinical Operations at 317-370-7330.

Kyle Netter, MBA, PT